29 January 2007

A Tiny Friend or Foe

I know, I still haven't written of Colombia. Well, I could share much...but for right now, all I'll mention is that we made a new friend in Colombia. He came back with us, and probably liked the airline food better than we did (no offense, Delta). He's one of those guests who overstays his welcome, sadly, and is always with you like a shadow on your day. Still, we try to be hospitable. His name is Phil, and here is his photo, so you can be sure to give him a big smile of welcome if you should happen to run into him.

p.s. Ten bonus points for anyone who can come up with Phil's more scientific name...

1 comment:

kristen said...

that's funny. not you being ill, but the card. i hope you don't blame my advice for making you sick. phil is gone, yes?