10 October 2006

A Little Music

Okay, so I'm playing around with this blog to try putting music on it. I don't understand HTML very well, so when I visit my template I am forced to experiment until it seems to do something close to what I'd like. For example, below to the right I have added a small box which allows you to play a song I wrote and recorded with a simple microphone in my living room (I hope you enjoy!). I rather wanted to put more space between it and the sidebar above it, but I couldn't figure out how to do this without making blogger freak out and cast the song-box disdainfully to the floor of the webpage. Any hints from a more knowledgeable person?

Also, if you'll notice, I added a link in the sidebar labeled "My Music"--this link should take you to my xanga page, where I have uploaded three songs altogether. I would have put all three in song-boxes below, but when I tried this, it crammed them all together in unappealing fashion. So I gave up that idea.

Hope you all like the musical sampling. I'm thinking more and more about the idea of making a CD and selling it with Music for Missions...

**Edit** Just today I downloaded the beta version of Blogger, and my oh my, how easy it is now to add things! Thanks, Blogger! I added all three songs below. Good times.