12 January 2007


Is the American Church too dependent upon experiences and too ignorant in orthodoxy? And are these two elements where a balance must be enjoyed? I wonder sometimes...

Oh, by the way--next week I'm traveling to Bogota, Colombia. Pray for me! And having just received an email from a friend of mine in Malaysia, I thought I'd share his photo of the two towers at night:


kristen said...

the american church in general? yes and yes. but there are some denominations and congrgations that are better at the balance. all that is merely my opinion, of course. :)

the towers are lovely. wonder what the street below looks like?

have an amazing time in columbia!

Broadstone said...

Or maybe a lack of experiencing orthodoxy. I'm not sure of the middle in this question. Orthodoxy and experience ought not be held as some yin yang state of being. Orthodoxy is true experiencing.