12 May 2007


I finally began my attempt at learning Arabic, as much as possible without living in a foreign land (just yet). The other day I sent about 45 minutes using the Rosetta Stone program for Arabic, and found it extremely difficult as it gave no transliteration for the Arabic words. Left to learn as I could, I was amazed at how well I was beginning to pick out certain symbols in the Arabic words and connecting them to repeated sounds between them. Still, in the end I found a small book at Barnes and Noble to teach me the Arabic alphabet--all 29 letters, including 26 consonants and three vowels, two of which vowels also sometimes act as consonants (smile). The book explained how Arabic uses the consonantal roots to build its words, which has me very excited about learning more...between my analytical side, my love for sounds and words and meanings, and my joy in drawing, this should be a fun adventure...

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